The Office of the People’s Counsel has undertaken several initiatives to promote policies, activities and educational opportunities that foster a utility marketplace that is safe, adequate, reliable, cost effective and sustainable for DC consumers. 

OPC initiatives include Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, the development of Solar Energy options in and for DC residents, the DC Powerline Undergrounding program to enhance system reliability, the Grid of the Future proceeding to consider how energy services will be delivered in the future, Smart Meters to enhance reliability and our Youth utility education program to prepare the next generation of utility consumers.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (EES)

OPC is creating options for consumers to incorporate renewable energy into their energy choices

Undergrouding / DC PLUG

 As a leader in the development of the DC PLUG program, see how OPC has ensured that ratepayers are positioned to receive the benefits of this nearly $1 billion dollar investment


The growth of solar represents a key component of the renewable energy options available to DC consumers.  Learn about current programs and those under development in the District

Explore: Initiatives

  • Smart Meters

    The Office of the People's Counsel ("OPC") welcomes you to its smart grid education web site. OPC is committed to providing residents timely and straightforward information about the changes currently underway regarding how electricity service is provided..

  • Grid of the future

    The Grid of the Future (or “grid modernization”) generally refers to a forward- looking planning process to implement the improvements that must be made by the utility industry and other stakeholders to update our aging energy infrastructure and accommodate public policy commitments to and greater consumer demand for renewable and distributed energy resources..

  • Youth Education

    OPC's Youth Education Initiative focuses on our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington to get the message of energy efficiency and sustainability into the community by targeting some of our youngest consumers, students as young as kindergarten age. This outreach effort has proven so popular that we are developing more robust energy efficiency programs for older age groups, including high school students, who will very soon need to make energy and utility decisions of their own..