Youth Energy Efficiency workshop @THEARC


On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Denise E. Blackson OPC’s Community Outreach Specialist presented an Energy Efficiency Workshop "Engaging Our Youth on Energy Efficiency" at the FBR Branch Boys and Girls Club @THEARC located at 1901 Mississippi Ave. SE, Washington DC. To educate youth on energy efficiency.

For being the first to answer questions based on the energy efficiency presentation, these youngsters won energy efficient nightlights to take home. They were very excited to win and can’t wait for the next workshop to take place. OPC is presenting the young peoples’ workshop in 3-4 segments.

These youthful energy savers loved their I’m an energy saver! I flip the switch! stickers.

To learn more about the Office of the People’s Counsel "Engaging Our Youth on Energy Efficiency Workshops" or to have an OPC speaker attend your event, please contact: Denise E. Blackson Community Outreach Specialist at (202) 727-3071.