About the Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Section


OPC has a long and consistent history in promoting energy efficiency, and renewable energy and sustainability policies in the District of Columbia. OPC has been entrenched in the discourse about sustainable energy for many years, as reflected by our decades-old involvement and support of energy conservation, integrated resource planning, and more recently, renewable energy and sustainability policies. OPC has been a longstanding supporter of expanding access to renewable energy – particularly solar energy – to more District consumers.

As a staunch supporter of clean energy for the District, the People’s Counsel established the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Section in OPC. EES recommends legislative, policy and outreach strategies for the Office to achieve, among other things, increased awareness among the broad base of DC consumers in all wards of the city and at all income levels about: (1) energy efficiency, renewable and sustainable energy opportunities; and (2) cost-effective measures that will enable consumers to capitalize on and participate in the development of clean energy technology. In developing clean energy policies and strategies, the Office is firmly committed to pursuing only those initiatives that will provide long-term environmental and economic benefits to the residents and ratepayers of the District.

Additionally, EES staff are actively engaged in advocacy for District consumers on the regional and federal levels. EES staff participate in the PJM stakeholder process and litigate matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Trade Commission.