Agency Initiatives

OPC Agency Initiatives for FY 19

Initiatives  Description 

OPC Town Hall Events

Town halls to be conducted throughout the city to address specific consumer utility issues.

State of the Utilities

Meeting of consumer advocates, utilities and community members to discuss the current state of utility services.

Solar Education

Expand solar education to include teaching consumers about the differences between solar energy companies and third-party energy suppliers. Educate consumers on the existence, benefits and availability of solar, particularly community solar, as a sustainable energy resource for all DC residents.

Spanish Language Brochure

Develop a Spanish brochure in a cartoon format to expand outreach and education to the NEP/LEP Spanish-speaking community on utility services and OPC’s work.

Infographic Utility Pictograph

Develop an infographic pictorial as a useful tool in educating consumers on a variety of utility topics.

Energy Efficiency Lab

Completion of Energy Efficiency Lab


OPC will file a petition with the Commission requesting that a proceeding be initiated to examine the issue of affordability of utility service, specifically energy service, in the District of Columbia.

D.C. Power Line Undergrounding Project (DC PLUG)

OPC will advance the purpose of DC PLUG by participating in the Commission proceedings examining Pepco’s construction proposals to underground sections of its infrastructure.  OPC will also actively serve as a member of Mayor Bowser’s Undergrounding Project Consumer Education Task Force (UPCE)

Modernizing the Energy the Energy Delivery System (MEDSIS)

OPC will advance the goals of MEDSIS by advocating for policies and funding for pilot programs that lead to a modernized grid that serves the public interest.

Third Party Suppliers Study and enhanced TPS consumer education

OPC will develop a comprehensive Third-Party Suppliers (TPS) education plan, which will include a study of the impacts of TPS on the District’s energy market.

Active participation in related Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - related District government sponsored working groups

OPC will attend and actively participate in any District Government agency city-wide energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives by being a contributing working group member(s) for any such proposed program development plans when appropriate.

WGL’s Compliance with the merger conditions

OPC will establish a process to monitor WGL’s compliance with the numerous commitments detailed in the DC Public Service Commission’s June 29, 2018 order approving the WGL/AltaGas merger.

Alternative Ratemaking

OPC will participate in the proceeding established by the Commission to determine the appropriate ratemaking process through advocating for the mechanism that best benefits and protects for consumers.

DC Water Consumer Education

Pending the passage of legislation, entitled The DC Water and Consumer Protection Amendment Act (Bill 22-0662), by the Council, OPC will begin educating consumers on water utility issues and concerns.